VC Website Cloner

$35.00 each


VC Website Cloner is an online tool for making copies of websites. Install it on your webhosting account and make static copies of any website.

- Clone or copy any live website, be it HTML or CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc) based
- Browse clones online
- Download a copy of the clone to your computer as a ZIP archive
- Send clone as email attachment
- Upload clone to remote server via FTP
- Configure exclude keywords to prevent certain parts of a site being cloned (handy when you want to clone only certain parts from a large site)
- Built in “time out” protection to prevent the cloning process to run for hours and use up a lot of resources
- Timed out or paused clones can be continued at any time
- Well written recursive code which is light and easy on the server’s resources; runs on regular shared hosting accounts
- Tell the script what to do when a clone is ready, like sending it by email or uploading it via FTP (so you don’t have to sit around waiting for a clone to finish)

- Web server with PHP 5.2.4+ (5.4 high recommended)
- PHP MySQLi extension
- PHP zlib extension (used for creating ZIP archives)
- MySQL 5.1+